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Sitting Owl's discussions on the
Unconditional Gift Giving System

Scott-Carey Family

Family (Sitting Owl's Mum's side) 
Re-unions and Info

Blyth Cottage

Rose's Holiday Cottage for Accommodation

Kotuku Dreaming

Kiri's site


Other good Websites I recommend


Keepers of the Sacred Tradition Of Pipe Makers 

(Bud Johnson - President)

Jim Tree 

(Jim Medicine Tree)

Way Of The Pipe 

(Jim Medicine Tree)

The Story of Stuff 

with Annie Leonard

Joseph Campbell Foundation

Kakkib li'Dthia Warrawee'a

Sustainable Dreaming

Spiritual Unity Of The Tribes (Aust.)

Pegasus Pony Parties 

(I helped Sarah a bit here)

Pathways Spiritual Centre


(German and English linguist)

World Harmony Unlimited

Wolakota Foundation

(Arvol Looking Horse Director)

Russell Means

Teya Peya Productions 

(Shannon Thunderbird)



Chris Poynton Research Services

and Homa Project Support (Agnihotra)

Gerardus (Soul Wise)

Gathering Thunder Foundation

Lakota Writings 

(William Purcell)

Standing Bear

Lynn Andrews 

(Shaman, Author & Teacher)

Judith Marie 

(Tranquillity Base)




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