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Earth People Magazine

Volume 1 Number 6

Now Playing: 'Imagine'
By: Eva Cassidy


Yaqona (Kava) Ceremony of Fiji

By: Bill Bates

Originally printed by Oceania Printers Ltd.
(A print I purchased from an Opp. Shop for 50 cents).



Sitting Owl’s Editorial

The Race
By: D. H. Groberg 

By: Lynn V. Andrews


Animal Medicine

Summery of work by Jamie Sams and others

Principles of Shamanism
Inspired By: Serg Kahili King PH. D

More Olive Goodness
By Peter O’Hara BA (Hons) Dip Hom

Indian Prophecies  
By: He Who Sees Through The Eyes And Wisdom Of The Eagle

By: Lynn V. Andrews

Maori Teachings
By: Rangimarie (Rose) Turuki Pere

The Light of Consciousness
By: C.G. Jung

The Spiritual Path 
 Inspired by Sri Chinmoy

I Wonder
By: F. R. St.John


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   A quote from: 
‘The Power of Myth’

 By: Joseph Campbell

He who thinks he knows doesn’t know.
He who know that he doesn’t know, knows.

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Sitting Owl's Editorial

I would like to repeat some of my introduction found in the first issue.

The purpose of this publication is to bring people of all races and of all cultural backgrounds together, to share their experiences and knowledge, so that we can all relearn how to feel the rapture of being alive, and how to live in harmoniously with our Mother Earth and the life that she supports. Everyone has something to offer this journey of life and may share through this magazine.

I chose the name ‘Earth People’, because we, the living things of earth are all related. Also because we must all learn to live the ‘Earth People Philosophy’, ‘The Perennial Philosophy’, or ‘The Way of the Shaman’.

Earth People according to Wallace Black Elk, are, all humans who live the fundamental, spirit and nature based way of giving sacred reverence to all things at all times. Earth people are steadfast and honest; they know that everything is a circle as created by The Great Spirit, God, or any name that you prefer.

I would like to make two quotations that I feel are important for us all to understand.

Fools Crow, the Lakota chief and Holy Man says:
"The survival of the world depends upon our sharing what we have and working together. If we don’t, the whole world will die. First the planet, and next the people. The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away Medicine secrets are always those who know the least." [Thomas Mails, the author of the book, says]: "He had little time for anyone who attempted to keep blessings to themselves."

And from Richard Bach’s book ‘Illusions’ he says:
"Learning is finding out what you already know.
Doing is demonstrating that you know it.
Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you.
You are all learners, doers, and teachers."

In this issue I have printed information on animal medicine. The information in it is a compilation of information from the medicine cards book by Jamie Sams; ‘Animal Speak’ and my own intuition. I’m sorry that I have not yet found all the Australian animals that equate to the American ones but the medicines of each animal is complex and specialized, and should not be substituted willy nilly. This is serious medicine. Just as it is with the names that we wear. If we use a name that does not reflect our true spirit it can cause all sorts of spiritual and psychological trauma, as seen in today’s society.

I am grateful to He Who Sees Through the Eyes and Wisdom of the Eagle for his permission to re-print some of his book ‘Indian Prophecies’, and there will be more of these excerpts coming in future issues. 

The article ‘The Spiritual Path’ is a rough guideline that was inspired by Sri Chinmoy, who is a God realized master living in New York. 

And the poems are very special to me. ‘The Race’, because of its message, and ‘I Wonder’, because of the message and the author, an Uncle (actually Great Uncle), whom I remember visiting often as a boy.

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The Race

By: D.H. Groberg

(Unknown source. Printed without permission, as I don’t know where or from whom to get it.
But I thought it must be printed, as I can’t help but cry every time I read it.) 

“Quit! Give up! You’re beaten!”
They shout at me and plead.
“There’s just too much against you now.
This time you can’t succeed!”

And as I start to hang my head
In front of failure’s face,
My downward fall is broken by
The memory of the race.

And hope refills my weakened will
As I recall that scene;
For just the thought of that short race
Rejuvenates my being.

A children’s race – young boys, young men –
How I remember well.
Excitement sure! But also fear;
It wasn’t hard to tell.

They all lined up so full of hope;
Each thought to win that race,
Or tie for first, or if not that,
At least take second place.

And fathers watched from off the side,
Each cheering for his son.
And each boy hoped to show his dad
That he would be the one.

The whistle blew and off they went!
Young hearts and hopes afire.
To win and be the hero there
Was each young boys desire.

And one boy in particular
Whose dad was in the crowd,
Was running near the lead and thought:
“My dad will be so proud!”

But as they speeded down the field
Across a shallow dip,
The little boy who thought to win
Lost his step and slipped.

Trying to catch himself
His hands flew out to brace,
And amid the laughter of the crown
He fell flat on his face.

So down he fell and with him hope
He couldn’t win it now.
Embarrassed, sad, he only wished
To disappear somehow.

But as he fell his dad stood up
And showed his anxious face,
Which to the boy so clearly said:
“Get up and win the race.”

He quickly rose, no damage done.
Behind a bit, that’s all.
And ran with all his mind and might
To make up for his fall.

So anxious to restore himself
To catch up and to win,
His mind went faster than his legs;
He slipped and fell again!

He wished then he had quit before
With only one disgrace.
“I’m hopeless as a runner now;
I shouldn’t try to race.”

But in the laughing crowd he searched
And found his fathers face;
That steady look which said again:
“Get up and win the race!”

So up he jumped to try again
Ten yards behind the last.
“If I’m to gain those yards,” he thought
“I’ve got to move real fast.”
Exerting everything he had
He gained eight or ten.
But trying so hard to catch the lead
He slipped and fell again!

Defeat! He lay there silently
A tear dropped from his eye.
“There’s no sense running any more;
“Three strikes: I’m out! Why try?”

The will to rise had disappeared
All hope had fled away
So far behind, so error prone;
A failure all the way.

“I’ve lost, so what’s the use,” he thought.
“I’ll live with my disgrace.”
But then he thought about his dad
Who, soon he’d have to face.

“Get up,” an echo sounded low.
“Get up and take your place;
You were not meant for failure here.
Get up and win the race.”

“With borrowed will get up,” it said
“You haven’t lost at all.
For winning is no more than this:
To rise each time you fall.”

So up he rose to run once more,
And with a new commit
He resolved that, win or lose
At least he wouldn’t quit.

So far behind the others now,
The most he’d ever been.
Still he gave it all he had
And ran as though to win.

Three times he’d fallen, stumbling;
Three times he rose again;
Too far behind to hope to win,
He still ran to the end.

They cheered the winner runner
As he crossed the line first place,
Head high, and proud, and happy;
No falling, no disgrace.

But then the fallen youngster
Crossed the line last place,
The crowd gave him the greater cheer
For finishing the race.

And even though he came in last
With head bowed low, un-proud,
You would have thought he’d won the race
To listen to the crowd.

And to his dad he sadly said,
“I didn’t do so well.”
“To me you won,” his father said.
“You rose each time you fell.”

And now when things seem dark and hard
And difficult to face,
The memory of that little boy
Helps me in my race.

For all my life is like that race,
With ups and downs and all,
And all you have to do to win,
Is rise each time you fall.

“Quit! Give up! You’re beaten!”
They still shout in my face.
But another voice within me says:

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By: Lynn V. Andrews

A boat can represent your voyage toward the island of higher consciousness. That boat is made from your treasured innocence. We are all born wild and innocent, like a blue heron. To live in civilisation, at a very young age we become like sheep trying to fit in with the crowd. To maintain your receptive innocence is to listen to your own inner voice. Know that the powers of the universe are within you.

Copied with permission from:

‘The Power Deck’

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Many people have asked me how I got my name. On this subject I will say that a spirit name is most commonly given by spirit during a Vision Quest or Sweat Lodge, and it is usually given when there is no ‘Desire’ for a name but the ceremony is done ‘For All Our Relations’. Or often a master or teacher gives a spirit name when the time is right.

Also there is no reason why someone who is desperate to let go of a name and past experience that they have out grown can’t spend a number of meditative days or weeks considering a name. But it must be a name that represents not only their past, which is still part of them, but also the new characteristics, energies or aspects of their being. A name should also embrace a person’s new understanding of their spiritual path. When the true name comes into consciousness, either from your inner self or from another person, there will be an ‘AHAH!’ feeling. But remember a true spiritual name will only come if it is your BLISS, not just to be trendy or hastily rushed into. As the Great Spirit gives us everything we need, if we need a spirit name it will come, usually when you least expect it.

Brooke Medicine Eagle says:
"Names can be profoundly useful in calling forth aspects of ourselves from the left side, out of the realm of Spirit and mystery. Many people I am in contact with – whether they were San Francisco flower children, ardent vision questers, or people building new lives for themselves after divorce or major life changes – are looking for a name that speaks of who they truly are. They want to be called something that is meaningful to them now and expressive of their uniqueness and their special gifts, not of their father’s name or what thousands of mothers thought sounded cute when they were born. Sometimes this name-seeking actually takes the form of reclaiming their given name and its meaning, when they have been called a diminutive of it as a nick name for all their lives."

Regarding my own name, I would firstly like to make the point that my given name is just as important to me as my spirit name. This is because the name ‘David’ comes from the Hebrew root word ‘Dovid’ meaning lover, in its true spiritual sense, not as a physical stud (although I could be this also). As I found out from Fred Alan Wolf in his book ‘The Eagles Quest’, the spiritual meaning or the vibration of the word ‘Dovid’ is: ‘From resonance to resonance’ or ‘From resistance to resistance’. So this name has great meaning for me as the compassionate resistance or resonance, depending on how you resonate or resist me. There is no limit to my resonance or resistance and it usually has no bearing on my conscious or unconscious choices, but on whom I'm communing with.

My other official and legal names come from my father with whom I am honoured beyond comprehension to be connected and associated. While he could not be considered a religious man, he is certainly a very spiritual and moral human being who taught me through example. He taught me to be flexible, caring for others, to be grounded, not to waste anything (including time), how to improvise or do without, and most importantly and missing in much of today’s society, common sense.

I received my spirit name after a Stone-people (Sweat) Lodge in which my major spirit guide ‘Owl’ was clearly seen by more that one participant. While driving home Running Horse said to me: “See, I told you, you where owl. You’re ‘Sitting Owl’, sitting on all the knowledge and wisdom you have gathered. But the sitting part is also to remind you to sit and listen to others also.”

Running Horse’s own name was given to him in a very vivid dream vision by a group of Cherokee tribesman, around a fire where the only words he could understand where: “You are Cherokee Indian Running Horse.” And I can vouch that this name suites him perfectly.

The Sitting Owl name is bigger, deeper and more difficult to explain, but I will attempt to capture some of its essence here: I am one sitting on the universal wisdom of the shamans, living for all the beings who have gone before me; sitting, listening and observing everything and everyone around me; waiting patiently, and sometimes not so patiently, to share it all for the growth and awakening of humanity to those willing to wake up and see the blinding brilliance of the light of Spirit as only can be seen by an awakened and enlightened manifest being. I am one who sees clearly into the darkness and wounds of others. If I am to help any individual or group, my way is to dig into those wounds and extract that darkness, the splinters of painful experiences, the causes of the wounds, so that a permanent health and healing through Great Spirit can happen. I have seen how the mainstream just scratches at the surface and applies a bandaid. I have seen how other spiritual groups and healing modalities have looked into the wounds and opened slightly to Great Spirit, but those splinters and shards need to be dug out, examined for their cause and only then be unconditionally given to Great Spirit; let go of. Maynard, the Alaskan Elder and Medicine Man, expressed this better when he said that when dealing with a problem you have found, you must look at it carefully, understand it fully and only after all that work should you let it go. 

When all are open and awake, when the light of Great Spirit comes to heal all, I can sit in the universal tree of life and snooze, knowing that I have done my part and shared my natural talents to the betterment of all, as nature and Great Spirit intends. It took me a long time to accept and fully comprehend the implications of the name Sitting Owl and only then did I understand the implications of my other names. I have had one person give me a name that reflects my stubborn and persistent nature that can’t be budged from the deep knowing of the ultimate truth of life. I say that because that name is shared by a well known man who had the same name for other reasons and I will not share that with you as I only use it along with Sitting Owl to commune with Spirit in ceremony.

Some very sacred names may sound a bit silly, but I can assure you that all names given from Spirit are very meaningful. For example I know someone named 'Quantum Gravity' and I assure you that that name is very sacred and expressive of that person's spirit.

You are more than welcome to ask me more about the details of the more complex associations and meanings of these names. And maybe I can shed some light on a name you may have been given so that you may more fully understand your spirit.

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Animal Medicine

Compilation from Jamie Sams's 'Animal Medicine Cards' and 

[Ted Andrews's 'Animal - Speak'.]

1. EAGLE Spirit
Far sightedness. Bringing illumination of the Great Spirit. 
[Healing and Creation]

2. HAWK Messenger
Heightened awareness. Prepare to receive a message. 
[Visionary power and Guardianship]

3. ELK Stamina
Pace yourself. Find brotherhood or sisterhood in own gender, or similarity of experiences. 
[Strength and Nobility]

4. DEER Gentleness
Gentleness that melts the demon that is blocking the way to the Great Spirit. 
[Gentleness and Innocence luring you to new adventures]

5. BEAR Introspection
Seek sweet truth by digesting experiences within the silent dream lodge. 
[Awakening the power of the unconscious]

6. SNAKE Transmutation
Transformation by letting go of the old baggage (skin) to give room to grow. The bite to make you realise that poison can be transformed into divine healing. 
[Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation and Wisdom]

7. SKUNK Reputation
To attract similar and repel those who do not respect your space.
[Sensuality, Respect and Self-esteem]

8. OTTER Woman Medicine
Sisterhood sharing life’s bounty playfully. 
[Joy, Playfulness and Sharing]

9. BUTTERFLY Transformation
You are ready for your next step. 
[Dance of Joy]

10. TURTLE Mother Earth
Grounding. Plodding along getting everything that is needed.
[Motherhood, Longevity and Awakening to opportunities]

11. MOOSE Self-esteem
The wisdom of telling the world of your joy. 
[Primal feminine energies – Magic of Life and Death]

12. PORCUPINE Innocence
Trust and Faith in all of Creation. 
[Renewed sense of wonder]

13. COYOTE Trickster
From one disaster to another from tricking yourself, creating and manifesting whatever NEEDS to be created unconsciously. Or tricking others when NECESSARY. 
[Wisdom and Folly]

14. DOG Loyalty
Friend and Protector, serving others. 
[Faithfulness and Protection]

15. WOLF Teacher
Teacher of the psychic and unconscious energies. 
[Guardianship, Ritual, Loyalty, and Spirit]

16. RAVEN Magic
Messenger of magic and healing. 
[Shape shifting and Creation]

17. MOUNTAIN LION Leadership
Leading with the feminine truth.

18. LYNX Secrets
Be respectful to obtain the secrets of yourself. Not the guardian of secrets, but the knower of them. 
[Secrets and Vision of the hidden and unseen]

19. BUFFALO Prayer & Abundance
Smoking the pipe for others to Creator. 
[Manifesting abundance through right actions and right prayer]

20. MOUSE Scrutiny
Seeing the details of life and organising it. 
[Attention to detail]

21. OWL Deception
True wisdom that can not be deceived. Magic. Seeing into the darkness that others can’t see. 
[The mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom and vision in the night, (Night Hawk)]

22. BEAVER Builder
Doing whatever and bridging whatever for harmony. 
[Builder of dreams]

23. OPOSSUM Diversion
Strategy. Playing dead if need be. 
[The use of appearances]

24. CROW Law
Law of God, Change and Duality. Seeing inner and outer realities.
[The secret magic of creation is calling]

25. FOX Camouflage
Camouflage to observe surroundings and to protect the family.
[Feminine magic of camouflage, shape-shifting and invisibility]

26. SQUIRREL Gathering
Gathering needs for the future. Beware to let go what you don’t need. [Activity and Preparedness]

27. DRAGON FLY Illusion
The winds of change. 
[The power of light]

28. ARMADILLO Boundaries
Boundaries that keep you protected (armoured). Reflecting and rebounding anything that hurts. 
[Personal protection, Discrimination and Empathy]

29. BADGER Aggressiveness
Persistence. Trying anything that works. 
[Bold self-expression and reliance. Keeper of stories]

30. RABBIT Fear
Fearing of the most you can and will become. 
[Fertility and new life]

31. TURKEY The ‘Give-away’
Giving to others selflessly for a balanced and fair life for all. Wounded Healer. 
[Shared blessings and harvest]

32. ANT Patience
Patience and trust that the Creator will provide. 
[Industrious, Order and Discipline]

33. WEASEL Stealth & or Pursuit
Finding the hidden reasons, strengths and weaknesses of others.
[Sly and secret circumvention]

34. GROUSE Sacred Spiral
See Medicine Wheel. Analyse movements. 
[Sacred Dancing and Drumming]

35. HORSE Power & Freedom
Balance the 4 winds (Directions) for wisdom and power. 
[Power, Travel and Freedom]

40. DOLPHIN Manna (Life force)
Linking with God through the message of rhythms. 
[Power of Breath and Sound]

41. WHALE Record Keeper
Tap into the universal mind of God through sound. 
[Creation, Power of Song, and Awakening the Inner Depths]

42. BAT Rebirth
Breaking down old beliefs, (Shamanic Death and Rebirth).
[Transition and Initiation]

43. SPIDER Weaving
Weaving the web of Creations possibilities. 
[Creativity and the Weaving of fate]

Taste the sweet nectar of life. 
[Timeless Joy]

45. BLUE HERON Self-reflection
Diving into the watery feelings and innocence. 
[Aggressive Self-determination and Self-reliance]

46. RACCOON Generous Protector
Help those in need for the protection of life. 
[Dexterity and Disguise]

47. PRAIRIE DOG Retreat
Retreat for rest and recharge. [Community care]

48. WILD BOAR Confrontation
To confront your fears with courage.

49. SALMON Wisdom and Inner Knowing
Trust intuition and gut feelings.

50. ALLIGATOR Integration
Digest all the facts and experiences before judging or deciding.
[Primal energies of Birth, Motherhood and Initiation]

51. JAGUAR Integrity and Impeccability
Devour unclean and dishonourable behaviour.

52. BLACK PANTHER Embracing the Unknown
With trust in Creation you can embrace the unknown fearlessly.
[Reclaiming one’s True Power]

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Principals of Shamanism

Inspired by 'The Urban Shaman' 

By: Serge Kahili King

IKE - Reality is what we think it is.
Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you're right. Positive thoughts attract positive people and events. Negative thoughts attract negative people and events. Everything is a dream. All systems of thought are good, which ever works for you. Be aware of your thoughts as they create your reality.

KALA - There are no limits. 
Anything is possible. Filtered limitations imposed by ideas and beliefs that inhibit creativity generate focus without potential for positive action. Everything is connected. 

MAKIA - Energy flows where attention goes. 
Argue your limitations and sure enough they’re yours. Meditation and hypnosis are sustained focused attention. High energy e.g.: loud noise attracts attention and stress. 

MANAWA - The moment of power is now.
Power increases with sensory attention, unless present is dangerous. Everything is relative (Day, Month, Year can all be now). Thoughts now effect reactions now. Bringing past or future into the present means you can change them. The FUTURE is not written, so why worry. The true PAST is locked in the cellular memory or subconscious.

ALOHA - (LOVE) To love is to be happy with...
Aloha means “To share, here and now, an experience of affection or joy”. Love increases as judgment and criticism decreases. Everything is alive (moves), some slowly, like rocks; some fast, like light. Therefore everything is responsive, so act respectfully. Criticism separates you from now; praise connects you to now. If you are criticised, nullify it by praising yourself. Keep in touch with the trickster energy of the Creator. Be happy with whoever you are; whatever you have; and whatever you are doing at this present moment because everything is sacred.

MANA - All power comes from within.
No one else and nothing else can make you happy. All things are alive and have equal power. Power comes from authority, whether you give it to others or yourself. Speaking with authority means speaking with confidence that your words will produce results. Herein lies the secret of the power of prayer, blessing, spells and affirmations. 

PONO - Effectiveness is the measure of truth. 
(Flexibility and Wisdom)
BE FLEXIBLE. The means (methods) determines the end. Violent means produce violent results. There is always another way to do anything, and you never know a different way may produce a better result. e.g.: If physical approach doesn’t work, try mental or emotional. If confrontation approach doesn’t work, try cooperative.

Also note K.I.S.S. Keep it simple and stupid. 
Simple so that everyone can understand and therefore share. Stupid, firstly because of the trickster aspect of the Creator. Secondly so that those who don’t understand can’t attack you if they think you are just stupid.

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By Peter O’Hara BA (Hons) Dip Hom

Olive oil is highly regarded as a good oil. Olives are a nutritious and tasty addition to many dishes, or eaten on their own. Now the olive tree is providing fresh hope for people with low immunity and acute or chronic infections.

The leaf of the olive tree has a component called oleuropein – a natural antibacterial and antiviral constituent. An extract of olive leaf containing oleuropein is a superb food for people with bacterial infections, and those for which antibiotics are not effective such as viral conditions like colds and flu. Dr. Joseph Territo, a specialist in cardiology and diagnostic medicine in New Jersey, USA, states that “olive leaf extract has shown itself to be among the most significant of the newly uncovered natural, non-toxic therapies.” It has proven itself to be “one of the most important antimicrobials ever discovered,” according to Dr. Territo (Morton, 1997).

The International Olive Oil Council, an agency with twenty-three member nations with headquarters in Spain, has sponsored considerable research on olive oil over many years. In 1996 this organisation stated that the tree’s olive green leaves may be even more advantageous for ingestion than the olive fruit and its oil. This statement, from such an authoritative body, emphasises the enormous potential of olive leaf extract.

We are increasingly becoming aware of the threat of “super bugs”. These are viruses, antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and other microbes. Many once-treatable bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics resulting in chronic, vitality-sapping infection. New strains of virus causing illness or death are commonly reported. In addition to the development of these bugs, weakened immune system defences render us more susceptible to infection and makes recovery more difficult. There is an increasing number of nosocomial, or hospital-acquired, infections in Australia and other countries with a history of high antibiotic use. Bacteria are well known for their ability to mutate in order to survive, and to mutate in response to antibiotics. Olive leaf extract, from the “Tree of Life”, brings new hope in the fight against “super bugs” and other disease causing microbes.

Olive leaf extract has been used as a natural antibiotic for thousands of years, but after the active components were isolated in 1969, an upsurge of research has resulted in dramatic discoveries. Research by American pharmaceutical company Upjohn, published by the American Society for Microbiology, found that the active components of oleuropein, elenol acid and calcium elenolate, inhibited the growth of every virus, bacteria, fungi and protozoa they were tested against. They tested over 30 micro-organisms. In 1992 French biologists found that all of the herpes viruses were inhibited or killed by extracts from olive leaf. They included 8 references to the anti-viral action of oleuropein in their report.

Olive leaf extract has an ability to interfere with critical amino acid production processes essential for viruses, bacteria and other microbes. It interferes with viral infection and spread by inactivating the virus or preventing virus budding or shedding. It can penetrate infected cells directly and stop viral replication without affecting the host cell. Olive leaf extract stimulates phagocytosis – the action of immune cells that engulf and destroy microbes. Through the interference of amino acid processes of microbes and the stimulation of immune response, olive leaf extract acts to prevent the onset, and assist the recovery from colds, flu, and a range of viruses; yeast, fungal and mould problems; bacterial infections; and parasites. Dr. Morton Walker, in his book ‘Olive Leaf Extract’, expresses his high opinion of olive leaf extract. He states that “No single treatment was known to work against any of the super potent microbial invaders – viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, yeasts, fungi, protozoa, worms – until now”.

For some very ill people, such as those with conditions like chronic fatigue or particularly heavy loads of virus or bacteria, olive leaf extract can offer exceptional benefit towards turning their health around. It is not unusual for people in these circumstances to experience detoxification symptoms. This occurs as a result of the “die-off” of pathogens that then need to be cleaned out of the body. This “die-off” is known as the Herxheimer reaction. Typical detoxification symptoms include headache and lethargy. It is not unusual to experience an increase in symptoms of muscular aches and pains or flu-like symptoms if the person has a high microbial load or toxic system. If the detoxification becomes unpleasant, reduce the amount of olive leaf extract you are having to slow down the process. You may wish to have some bowl or liver support like herbal fibre formula, too.

Keep in mind that detoxification symptoms are a positive sign. They may be unpleasant, but are a positive indication to you that the microbes that have been contributing to your illness are being killed and their toxins are being eliminated. An increase in energy after taking olive leaf extract is also commonly reported as the microbe load on the body is reduced.

No toxic or other adverse side effects are evident with olive leaf extract, even in high doses. Olive leaf extract is a natural, non-toxic immune system builder. It is a safe, highly effective food supplement with potent and proven anti-microbial action. If you suffer with repeated infections, or your immune system does not adequately protect you, olive leaf extract may be the supplement you need.
Peter can be contacted on Ph: (07) 5593 4566

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Indian Prophecies

By: He Who Sees Through The Eyes And Wisdom Of The Eagle

Note from the editor: I am grateful for the permission to print some exerts from the above titled book. He Who Sees Through The Eyes And Wisdom Of The Eagle has grown up with and seriously researched all of the prophecies of North and South America, The Bible and others. In this issue I have reprinted a bit about his message regarding the prophecies and the story of how he got his name. Anyone wanting a copy of the book or to know more about the prophecies and preparing for the future can contact him by writing to:

P.O. Box 164
N.S.W. 2440

The Message

My Grandfather always had the ability to calm the rough seas of life, and make me realise that the humble road is the good road, and to travel the other road was the path to hatred, sadness, and emptiness. So I continue to try to live the simple life of the American Indians, even in this time of change. And he used to say: “It takes much more energy to be angry than to be glad.” So the next time you feel angry try to wish peace on everyone involved, and you will find that inner joy that comes with forgiving and forgetting.

The most important thing that the Indians wish to pass on to the people of earth is a reverence for all living things and the earth. Mother Earth is only defending herself with the storms and chaos she will now bring on us. We have no right to blame her for the destruction she hands out. We have attacked her first, we drew ‘First Blood’, now it is her turn.

For those who see the truth in these prophecies, I wish you peace, and may the Great Spirit protect you and your family. You have little time to prepare, but if you start now you will have enough time. If you have little money and feel there is nothing you can do, try to find other people in the same boat and join together. The Indian prophecies state that small groups of people will survive and be gathered from the four corners of the world in the end. People must learn to rely on each other again, and not just look out for number one. If you are alone and need help, try to find other people in your area. Stay away from the hard core survivalist who is preparing to go to battle. If you are building perimeter fences and guard towers, and plan on shooting at people to save yourself, then you are looking after number one, aren’t you. The Great Spirit will not look after you; live by the sword, die by the sword.

We should try to form small groups of people Australia wide who are prepared to sacrifice a little time and money to prepare for their own futures. By banding together there is no limit to what can be achieved in a short time. Those of you with more money, and little time, can buy the land, and those of you with no money, but lots of time can do the work. By pulling together like the great Australian pioneers did, we can ensure that this country is prepared for the worst. Any farmers who have land in safe areas should try to meet people from the cities who wish to have a place of safety for their families. This is not a time to be selfish, only those of you willing to help others will have the Great Spirits help. So if you live in the city, but have land in the country, for the sake of other people less fortunate, offer help to like minded people.

I hope that anyone who has a copy of this information will pass it on to other people, spread the word, for our time is short, and we have much to do. If I can help please write to:

P.O. Box 164
N.S.W. 2440

How I received my name

For those interested in how Indians receive their names, I will tell you how I received mine.

When I was born my Grandfather took me down to the local stream at the appropriate time to bathe me in the water and give me my name. As he dipped me into the water a large Golden Eagle landed on the opposite side of the stream. To him it was one of the greatest signs he had ever seen in his lifetime, because we were from the Eagle Clan of the Cherokee, so to have an Eagle land on his grandson’s name day was a great honour to him. 

Later when I was five years old I asked my Grandfather how I got my name, and he told me this story, and about the honour it had brought him. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I said to him: “But don’t you think that the Eagle came down to eat me because he thought you were going to throw me in the river?” I have never seen my Grandfather laugh as long and as hard as he did that day. After wiping the tears from his eyes he smiled and said to me: “Don’t you see, you DO see through the eyes and wisdom of the Eagle.” I only replied that: “I did think he had come to eat me.” And he laughed and said: “Grandpa sure did find the right name for you.”

Many years later while getting a doctor’s examination for a job, I jokingly read the small writing at the bottom of the eye examination sheet for the doctor. He was so amazed, that he asked if he could send to the university for further studies on my eyes. It was then that I found out that I had what is called 15 15 vision, which only 1 in 4 million people have. Which amounts to far greater vision than the normal person has with 20 20 vision. So even years later my Indian name managed to surface again into reality, because as you can see, I do see through the eyes of the Eagle.

When I was about to reach manhood, at fourteen, as with most Indians you are given a new name. I was looking forward to this, and wondered what my Grandfather’s new name for me would be. I knew from the past that I had shared with my Grandfather, that I would still have the Eagle in there somewhere, and when I asked him about my new name, he smiled and said: “Your name will not change.” When I questioned as to why, he said: “Your name is more that just a name, it is a title. Don’t you understand, the meaning of your name is Great Teacher, you must teach what you know when the time comes, all Indians will tell the white-man the truth one day, you must do the same.” 

It was at that moment that I realised that my thirst for knowledge, the strong pull to read as many books as I could as a kid, had been preparing me for the role of teacher all of my life without realising it. It taught me that I still have so much more to learn, because I had worn a name for fourteen years without even knowing what it meant!

It reminded me of a time when as a young boy of nine I asked my Grandfather if we could shorten my name because it was such a mouthful. I thought ‘Soars with Eagles’ would be a much better name for myself and it meant virtually the same thing, so what would be the harm in changing my name. He looked very sad at me at the time and I felt that I must have hurt his feelings rather badly. Then he told the long story about the proud Eagle Clan of the Cherokee and that I should be very proud to carry such a mouthful for a name. As I was beginning to feel totally ashamed of my suggestion, he simply smiled at me and said: “You are a very special person, you can do many things.” Smiling even bigger, “But you can’t fly.”

Go in peace

He Who Sees Through the Eyes and Wisdom of the Eagle

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By: Lynn V. Andrews

Humour, fear, and anger awaken the power of your will. In the juxtaposition of realities, find truth, as in the primitive positioned in the wilderness of an urban setting. See how you have chosen your illusions, as others have, and seek to feel the laughter that holds together your daily dream. Self-importance blinds you to the source of joy and humour. Awaken your sense of humour. Life is often surreal, with aspects of the primitive juxtaposed against the realities of our current civilised life. We need our sense of humour to remember that it is dangerous to be caught in the dream, to lose the understanding that the reality of life as we know it is only an illusion. One day we will awaken and understand what we have really come here to do. If we lose our opurselves in self-importance and ego, we also lose our sense of humour and our understanding of truth and reality. Humour is part of your process toward illumination. Humour is of the mind, or in this case, perhaps, of losing the mind, setting the mind aside, and living in that state of humour that puts everything in perspective. Humour takes you back to your beginnings.

Copied with permission from:

‘The Power Deck’

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Maori Teachings

By: Dr. Rangimarie (Rose) Turuki Pere

Tamariki – Children
Children are the greatest legacy the world community has.

The culture a child is born into is likened to an ancient path that is well sign posted for the child to walk along. What real right has anyone got to change those signposts? If a child is expected to determine his or her own future, or course of direction, then the assumption is made that the child will need to know as much as possible about his or her ‘own roots’.

Everything in the universe is perfect. 
People and anything else only becomes less than perfect when compared to someone or something else, or when influenced by negative forces.

Kia tau ko te kahukura
Te wairua kore here
Te kawe i te tika
Me te pono

May the violet flame
The spirit of freedom
That upholds justice
And truth prevail.

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The Light of Consciousness

By: C. G. Jung

(Excerpt from: ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections')

About this time [Student years] I had a dream which both frightened and encouraged me. It was night in some unknown place, and I was making slow and painful headway against a mighty wind. Dense fog was flying along everywhere. I had my hands cupped around a tiny light which threatened to go out at any moment. Everything depended on my keeping this light alive. Suddenly I had the feeling that something was coming up behind me. I looked back, and saw a gigantic black figure following me. But at the same moment I was conscious, in spite of my terror, that I must keep my little light going through night and wind, regardless of all dangers. When I awoke I realised at once that the figure was a “spectre of the Brocken”, my own shadow on the swirling mists, brought into being by the little light I was carrying. I knew too, that this little light was my consciousness, the only light I have. My own understanding is the light sole treasure I possess, and the greatest. Though infinitely small and fragile in comparison with the powers of darkness, it is still a light, my only light.

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The Spiritual Path

Inspired By: Sri Chinmoy

Breath of life

Inspiration: Awakening to the path.


Aspiration:  Inner cry, or enthusiasm, which is opposite to desire.


Simplicity is my life-long friend. My simplicity-friend has cut down my desire-tree.
(By: Sri Chinmoy)

Sincerity is my life-long friend. My sincerity-friend has snapped my guilt-conscious-chain. Be sincere in your thoughts; be pure in your feeling. You will not have to run after happiness, happiness will run after you
(By: Sri Chinmoy)

Humility is the real secret of the spiritual life. When we embody humility, we neither underestimate nor overestimate our life… Real humility is the expansion of our consciousness. It is the God-life within us. The higher we go, the more light we receive by virtue of our humility, and the more we have to offer humanity.

When you really have something to offer to the world, then you can become truly humble. A tree, when it has no fruit to offer, remains erect. But when the tree is laden with fruit, it bends down. If you are all pride and ego, then nobody will be able to get anything worthwhile from you. When you have genuine humility, it is a sign that you have something to offer mankind.
(By: Sri Chinmoy)


Spiritual love, unconditional love is the meaning of life.

To all of yourself; body, mind, and soul; and to all other beings (All Our Relations). To do the best you can regardless of the result. This is the secret of life.

Of your lower, negative self to your higher, positive self. Not giving up. This is the goal of life.


Is when you are constantly aware of the oneness of the finite of man and matter, and the infinite of God and the universe of spirit.

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I Wonder

By: F. R. St.John

(excerpt from ‘Verse in Retirement (II)’ in memory of my Uncle Fred.)

I wonder, those who through the ranks have climbed
Give kindly thoughts to those they left behind,
And having reached the top – oft times with greed
Despise as rabble, those who were their seed.

And having got their all, they still seek more,
And selfishly decry the struggling poor
As they strive to gain a fairer crust,
E’re each and all return to dust.

And now, that through the ranks they’ve climbed
Join the groups that once they all maligned.
And, in oily arrogant debate,
Exert their pressure on the laws of state.

And so it’s been from history’s early dawn,
The fear – the greed – that makes the whole world mourn.
But, if the fear be lost, there’ll be no greed,
But when – and how – and who will give the lead?

Why not let heaven on this earth reside,
Why wait till death to there abode,
Why mystic worship, beyond our ken,
Lets pay homage to our fellow men?

Then there’d be no ranks through which to climb,
No groups, no states, nor nations to malign,
No poor to struggle for a fairer crust,
I wonder if it shall be ever thus?

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